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Capital Of Greenland

Visit exotic Nuuk, Greenland for an amazing experience

Capital Of Greenland


The capital of Greenland is Nuuk which is also referred to by its Danish name Godthab. The subarctic climate in Nuuk results in temperatures of -30 C in winter and about 10 C in summer.
Rainfall and snow are common at any time of the year.
The city of Nuuk was established in 1728 and is often termed as the oldest city in Greenland. Nuuk has a population of around 15000 inhabitants and is considered to be metropolis.

The only practical way to get to the capital of Greenland is either through air or by water as there aren’t any rail or roadways connecting the different cities in Greenland. Most tourists prefer travelling by air as Air Greenland and Air Iceland offer flights during the summer and winter months.
There is only one airport in Nuuk and it is located within 4 km from the city making it easily accessible.
Culture in Nuuk capital of Greenland
Nuuk has a great culture as it effortlessly combines the new with the old. There are many historical places like cathedrals and museums in Nuuk which are popular among tourists along with many good

Nightclubs and restaurants
The locals are very encouraging as they support musicians and artists from all over the world. As a result many artists tend to display their new exhibitions and experimental theatre plays in Nuuk often. This exposure to different cultures has effectively broadened the horizons of the locals in capital of Greenland Nuuk, as the now have a better understanding and appreciation of the arts.

  • Nightlife – Since the sun sets for only a couple of hours in Greenland your night out might actually be as bright as day. Most locals start their night life around 11.30pm even though the bars and pubs close at 3 am.
  • Mutten – This bar is often considered to be the most popular one in Nuuk as it gives you the opportunity to spend some quiet time with your date. It is located near Hotel Hans Egede and is not too crowded.
  • Skyline Bar – Live music and breathtaking views of the surrounding fjord are the highlights of this place.

    Capital of Greenland

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Things to do in Nuuk the capital of Greenland

  • Whale watching –
    This is the most popular tourist activity in Greenland as this presents an opportunity to observe these majestic creatures from close. Humpback, fin and minke whales are popularly spotted on these trips which are usually conducted between May to November.
  • Skiing –
    Thrill seeking tourists are guaranteed to have a great time in Nuuk as Heliskiing is also available. Alpine skiing and cross country skiing are popular attractions in Nuuk. Most of the ski runs are located in the southeast area of the city.
  • Hiking –
    Climbing on top of the Sermitsiaq and Lille Malene are often popular activities undertaken by hiking enthusiasts. Since it only takes a few hours to reach the top of these mountains the tourists can enjoy the wonderful natural landscape around them.
  • Sailing –
    The pristine waters around Nuuk offer a wonderful opportunity to the tourists to sail and enjoy the beautiful views.
  • Greenland National Museum –
    The museum contains many wonderful exhibits that help the visitors to understand the history of Greenland better. Many visitors find the mummy room to be the most remarkable one as it contains mummified exhibits of 15th century women and kids in their traditional outfits.
  • University Library –
    This attractive red wooden building is an exquisite sight as it has a background of white grave posts. The library was established in 1747 by missionaries and houses quite a large collection.
  • Eating out –
    Since Nuuk offers the tourists a wide range of outdoor activities it is no wonder that at the end of the day many of them feel quite hungry. In Nuuk the tourists are spoilt for choice as there are quite a number of good restaurants available in the city.
  • Hotel Godthaab –
    Although the restaurant in this hotel is slightly overpriced the food is quite delicious. Steak of musk is the specialty of this restaurant and it must be tried by every guest.
  • Vaerftet Restaurant –
    This restaurant is located in the hotel Hans Egede and is quite popular among the locals and tourists alike. Tourists can enjoy delectable food in this restaurant along with entertainment from the locals which include singing and dancing.

Tips for tourists visiting capital of Greenland

  • Do not bring clothes that are near the point of wearing out. It is a good idea to purchase new clothes like jeans and jackets before coming to Nuuk as the prices are expensive.
  • Hiking boots and sneakers are a good choice for moving around Nuuk as snow and rain can fall at any time of the year. Since there aren’t any professionals taking care of the lawns, the bottom part of your pants will surely become dirty if you walk around after rainfall.
  • Waterproof clothing and underwear is also very essential as it rains frequently in Nuuk. Many tourists often opt to go on boat rides to explore the seas. Windproof and waterproof clothing will help to protect you better against the elements in such situations.
  • There is very less humidity in Nuuk so you might not feel as cold as the temperature shows. To be comfortable it is a great idea to have different layers of thin clothing on you so that you can remove or put on the layers according to your need.
  • In Nuuk it is the custom to not wear shoes inside the home. Most locals often walk around their home wearing socks so it is absolutely essential to pack in lots of socks for your trip.

Safety Precautions for tourists in Nuuk
Nuuk has a population of only 15000 people and is often considered as the least populated city in the world. There aren’t any slums in Nuuk and the tourists are free to move around the city to explore it. The crime rate in Nuuk is virtually zero so there is no need to take any extreme safety precautions.
The locals are quite boisterous and are difficult to control after they’ve had a drink. So it is better to use your common sense and not get into any kind of trouble with them.

Capital Of Greenland – Exotic Nuuk For An Amazing Experience

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