Why Indonesia is a Great Place to Visit

Many of us dream of traveling to exotic foreign locales. We want to have the adventures we dreamed of as children, full of lush landscapes, interesting cultures, and a variety of unique experiences. The modern world, however, has turned many remote and exotic locations into homogenized and touristy destinations. Indonesia, however, has managed to retain much of it diversity and is a truly wonderful place to visit, particularly if you’re looking for a trip that offers a number of different experiences.

Not just a country
You might be surprised to find out that Indonesia is far more than just a country. It’s actually an archipelago, or chain of islands, that consists of 13,466 separate islands. Each island ranges in size, with some being very large and heavily populated and others being small, remote, and secluded.

It is also very culturally diverse. Indonesia is home to 238 million people, making it the fourth most populated country on the planet. All of those people make up hundreds of unique cultural, ethnic, and linguistic groups that can be found through the islands. It is easily one of the most culturally diverse countries on the planet.

Great variety
Indonesia also offers a great variety of different locations to visit. No matter what you might be interested in, there is something to enjoy. The larger islands are home to developed and modern urban areas. Jakarta, the nation’s capital, is one of these places. There you’ll find all sorts of modern and traditional cultural experiences as well as fine dining, entertainment, and shopping.

The smaller islands, on the other hand, are some of the most pristine and picturesque tropical islands you’re ever likely to see. The water is a beautiful shade of sapphire blew and teaming with colorful sea life. The beaches are smooth, white, and stretch in every direction. You can find islands that offer resorts or seclusion, the choice is yours.

Traveling to Indonesia is also a surprisingly affordable option, especially for Western travellers. While place like Europe are always going to be popular destinations, they will also always be expensive. Indonesia is by no means impoverished but the cost of living is much lower than in the West. In addition to this, travel is also cheaper.

One reason for this is that Indonesia is also a popular destination for people from Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and other countries where the cost of living is rather low in comparison. This also means booking your travel, especially through local sites like, is much more affordable than you’ll find with other destinations.

If you’ve always wanted to take an adventurous vacation to an exotic locale that is teeming with diverse and interesting cultures, that ranges from modern cities to untouched tropical islands, then Indonesia is the place for you. You’ll find nearly anything you can think of, no matter what type of vacation you might want. It’s also affordable and close to other countries which means it can be an excellent place to start a multi-country tour of a truly interesting part of the globe.

BIO: Yanto is a flight crew member with Sriwijaya Air that loves to travel to exotic destinations.