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6 Awesome US Cities to Visit on a Budget

The US is home to a wide variety of travel destinations that offer every kind of activity for every kind of tourist. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy the vast landscape and cultural offerings of the US. There are plenty of budget travel destinations that will make your days or weeks the best vacation you’ve ever had.

Here are 6 Awesome US Cities to Visit on a Budget:

An increasingly popular town located in the South, Charleston is best for those looking for an intimate and charming getaway. Known for its cobblestone streets, historic mansions, horse-drawn carriages, and antebellum architecture, Charleston is the US budget travel destination for the romantic.

Though hotel rates have been rising due to the town’s increasing tourism industry, private bed and breakfasts are a cheaper and homier option. Visit during the off season of winter and get the most deals.

The popular home of Thomas Jefferson is fast becoming the Napa Valley of the East, minus the high prices of accommodation. This central Virginia City is home to hip coffee houses, hookah lounges, and plenty of open-air pavillion areas for locals and tourists to lounge around.

Its most popular attractions are the wineries and the Montecillo.

New Orleans
Home of the most famous Mardi Gras in the world, New Orleans is best known for its Jazz music, all-year mysticism, and its European-style architecture. Prices peak during the Carnaval, unfortunately, but the city is one big party all year round and visiting during off season is just as enjoyable.

Party at the Bourbon Street clubs that open till wee hours in the morning, and visit the incredible mansions and buildings of the French Quarter. But don’t be enticed by the hotels in this are of the city as they are the most expensive. Bed and breakfasts at the Faubourg Marigny are the best value for money accommodation.

Puerto Rico
Enjoy a Caribbean-style vacation without the price tag of an actual Caribbean vacation. Puerto Rico is a US territory reached within 3 hours from Miami. It offers 20-foot waves for surfers but also calm waters for the entire family to enjoy.

The capital of San Juan has a thriving nightlife, while secluded islands like the Islands of Vieques offer private getaways for the newlyweds.

San Antonio
Over 3 million people visit this city every year, but most of its tourist attractions are free – making San Antonio one of the most budget-friendly cities in the US. It’s most famous for the Alamo – the location of the historic battle against Mexico in 1836. The River Walk is a popular place for tourists, home to dozens of shops and restos – where you can enjoy guarded barge tours on the cheap.

Washington, D.C.
Though many of its hotels are expensive, budget accommodation can be found all around the city. But what makes this American capital the perfect budget friendly destination is its free-admission Smithsonian museums and the national monuments.

Take a tour at the White House and the US Capitol, as well as the Washington Monument for free. And if you think visiting a city filled with monuments is dull, there has been an explosion of restos, clubs, and shops that are gearing to make the city cool and vibrant.

Other travel destinations that are light on the wallet are the National Parks and many small charming towns. Traveling to the US for a vacation requires you to get an esta visa, but you can leave all that paperwork to professional services so all you have to do is plan your vacation and anticipate the enjoyment that’s about to come.